2011 New York Academy of Art
         MFA Painting​

2009 Fashion Institute of Technology
           BFA Painting

Tabitha-Ann Whitley



2010 - present

2010 - present


Solo Exhibitions

2014 Tabitha Whitley Solo Exhibition, GreenPoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.


Group Exhibitions

2015  Deck the Walls,New York Academy of Art, New York, NY.

          Ivory Alive, Faust Harrison Pianos, New York, NY.

          Spring Double Decker Show, GreenPoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

         Hot Dry Men, Cold Wet Women, Mark Miller Gallery, New York, NY.

2014  30 Rooms SoHo, 101 6th ave, New York,NY.

          Spring Equinox, GreenPoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

​2013  Deck the Walls, New York Academy of Art, NY.

         30 Spaces, Hotel Chantelle, New York, NY.

         En Masse 74, Wythe ave, Brooklyn, NY.

         Single Fare 3, RH Gallery, New York, NY.

         Tribeca Ball, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY.

         BernArtsville Art Walk at Studio 7, Bernardsville, NJ.

2011  Uncharted, Wilkinson Gallery, New York, NY.

         Below Chambers, Biddy Earlys, New York, NY.
         Obsession and Eros, New York Academy of Art, NY.

2010 Nothing but Trouble, New York Academy of Art, NY.
          Single Fare, 224 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY.

2009 Dialogue 23, John Reeves Great Hall, New York, NY.
2008 Emerging Artists, M55 Gallery, Long Island City, NY.
2007 Voices, John Reeves Great Hall, New York, NY.



2015 Art Voices Magazine, Cover, Summer Bassel, June 2015.

         Studio Visit Magazine, Vol. 27, January 2015.

2013 Raw Artists, En Masse 2013, video showcase.



2011 Fashion Institute of Technology.


2015 Painting Instructor

        Muse Paintbar New York, NY. October 2015- Present

        Teaching Assistant

        Cynthia Eardly, Composition and Theory, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY 


        Harvey Citron, Drawing I, New York Academy of Art.

2011 Teaching Assistant

         Sharon Louden, Professional Practices, New York Academy of Art.


Commissioned Murals and Public Art

2015 Starbucks Coffee Company, 525 W26th St, New York, NY

          6 Menu Boards, acrylic paint on paper.


         Starbucks Coffee Company, 39 Main St, East Hampton, NY.

         5 Menu Boards, chalk marker on chalkboard.


         New York Cares, PS     196 K- Ten Eyck School

         2 Play Back Drop Paintings, 8’x16’ canvases, latex paint on canvas.


         Starbucks Coffee Company, 450 7th Ave New York, NY.

         Interior Mural 6’x 26’, latex paint on wall.


         New York Cares, Brooklyn Environment Explorers School MS 664, Brooklyn,NY

         4 Interior murals 16’x 6,’18’x 6,’ 6’x 9,’ 6’x9,’ latex paint on wall.


2014 New York Cares, Brooklyn Environment Explorers School MS 664, Brooklyn,  NY

           3 Interior murals 10’x 10,’ 7’x17,’ 3’x5,’ latex paint on wall.